Power to Perform

A  24-week fitness programme designed to improve your physical strength and conditioning.  Created especially for UPF by Mark Sheppard.


  • 3 blocks x 8 weeks of workouts
  • Over 70 videos
  • Videos on form and technique with variations
  • PDF worksheets for each week

The best fitness programme for fast bowlers Now Live!

It’s been a year in the making and it’s UNIQUE to UPF Cricket. Fitness guru Mark Sheppard brings you “Power To Perform”. It’s an amazing 8-week cycle of exercises you can do at home. There are 3 levels. This gives you 24 WEEKS of superb fitness to support you as you bowl faster than before. Mark delivers effective power movements & elite fitness and was a tutor for 15 years on the ECB level 3/4 courses education courses. Now he’s designed this “Power To Perform” course JUST FOR YOU.

Mark also has an explosive tennis background. He works with tennis players – who require very similar power, coordination, cardiovascular and flexibility skills as a fast bowler. He takes this vast knowledge and blends it into the technical and tactical aspects of being a fast bowler.

The Result?

Quite simply an incredible programme for all levels of fast bowler that will give you the foundation for extra speed and control.

All this for just £9 a month.

You start your 1st Month’s membership as soon as you subscribe and content will be drip fed to you on a week-by-week-basis.

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