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Access to internationally-acclaimed fast bowling coaches.

Ian Pont

Ian has worked with two of the finest fast bowlers of all time in South African Dale Steyn and Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar. He has students ranging from IPL T20 star Deepak Chahar and Afghanistan’s superstar white ball bowler Naveen-Ul-Haq to up-and-coming young quicks across the globe. Ian is Head of The National Fast Bowling Academy in the UK

Catherine Dalton

Catherine Dalton is one of UPF’s internationally-acclaimed coaches. She plays for Middlsex in English Domestic Cricket, and has previously played for Essex. A right-handed batsman and impressive right-arm fast bowler, Dalton was selected for the Irish National team’s squad for the 2015 World Twenty20 Qualifier in Thailand. She made her Twenty20 International debut in the tournament’s final, against Bangladesh.

library material

60 Second Coach

60 Second Clips: Here are some short clips for you to enjoy. They are based around 60 seconds and give you a quick reminder about some of our key points plus let you quickly glance at a specific point you might be interested in.

Some of the longer versions of these are available in their relevant section, but also there are stand alone tips & tricks to give you an advantage over others.


Technique is the performance BULLSEYE. There are key movements you need to master as a fast bowler. It’s here you will find the most important technical drills – with explanations – so you can correct faults and improve.

The idea is you get information on the most common faults fast bowlers make, identify what you are missing in your action and then watch how to put those mistakes right!

You can return here time after time to improve your knowledge and most importantly, your speed, accuracy and overall performance.


Want to know how to bowl certain deliveries or improve those you do? This section covers outcomes and the currency of wickets we deal in as fast bowlers.

Here you will find hints, tricks, tips and detailed interactions on gaining more success with a ball in your hand. If you master where you bowl and can control your deliveries, you have a huge advantage.

Jam-packed with ideas so you can start improving right away.


It’s vital to be fit for purpose. And this is especially true in fast bowling. Being flexible, powerful and balanced are KEY components of supporting the large stresses running through your body each time you bowl a ball.

Here we share with you some of the latest exercises and fitness ideas for you to achieve your fast bowling goals. We never forget you are a fast bowler, not a weight lifter, so this section is tailored to help you bowl fast and protect your body from injury.

Mental & Lifestyle

Your positive mindset and belief system will carry you a long way. But many people suffer a lack of confidence or struggle in pressure situations. The ‘mind game’ is one of the key elements that can determine your success, not only in cricket but also, in life.

Fast bowling requires a mental strength that you can learn, build on and work with. It’s your chance to delve into what your thought-processes should be. Tremendous for everyone wanting to achieve.

What Our Students Have To Say

UPF has over 1000 active students who are earning success in fast bowling and cricket in general, and has trained over 500 cricket players to date. See what some of our successful students have to say:

Former UPF Student

"Looking back, I remember the UPF sessions so clearly. They changed absolutely EVERYTHING about my bowling."

Jaideep Ganguli

"When you learn fast bowling with UPF Cricket, you will learn a lot of new technical aspects, but you also start to understand your own bowling action at a whole new level of detail."

Former UPF Student

"One of the things I loved about Ian's style of coaching was the way he kept everything SIMPLE! It was easy for me to understand and implement!"

Former UPF Student

"It is an absolutely phenomenal initiative and in my opnion, worth every penny. I recommend to other they sign up to this website NOW."

Fast Bowling

Getting more speed, control & wickets with international coaches Ian Pont & Cath Dalton.

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  • Mental & Lifestyle Informational videos

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Strength & Conditioning Course

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