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"1 year after a 100 UPF drills and time in the gym, average speed is now 78mph with effort balls clocking up to 82mph."

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Access to internationally-acclaimed fast bowling coaches

We believe that anyone can be better, stronger, and greater. Our philosophy is that anyone can take part, anywhere works, and with the best online cricket coaching, anyone can excel.

The UPF Cricket Team is made up of three world-renowned cricket coaches: Ian Pont (M.Ab), Catherine Dalton (M.Ab), and Mark Sheppard. Collectively, we have over 40 years of experience in cricket coaching and have made 4 World Cup appearances.

With us, it’s not about where you start, it’s about where you finish. Anyone can be.

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Pace and power

Our online cricket training includes two libraries of video content:

The Skills bowling library, where you will learn how to gain more speed, control, and wickets with international coaches Ian Pont and Catherine Dalton.

The Power to Perform course, a 24-week fitness programme designed to improve your physical strength and conditioning, created especially for UPF by Mark Sheppard.

Over 12 months of
video learning content

UPF’s extensive video library has a wide selection of content.
We offer 60 Second coaching videos, technical videos, tactical videos, and mental and lifestyle videos.

For our Power to Perform offering, each week has an in-depth video relating to the course. These focused videos help you to build your fitness, strength, and conditioning abilities.

The world’s largest
selection of courses

UPF offers the world’s largest selection of online cricket training courses. The material includes advice from experts about what it takes to improve your technique, the daily routines of the masters of cricket and fast bowling, and technical advice on improving your form and mindset.

Our classes

We offer two online cricket classes that can be streamed to any device, anywhere in the world.

Fast Bowling Library

With these classes, you can boost your fast bowling abilities, learning how to improve your speed, and control your movements. We cover topics such as tips for swing bowling, how to use your senses to hone your actions, and warm-up drills for increased performance.

Strength & Conditioning Course

These comprehensive online cricket coaching classes were designed by Mark Sheppard for UPF. They focus on getting fit in order to bowl faster. Classes cover form and technique, volume and conditioning, as well as strength and power.

What Our Students Have To Say

UPF has over 1000 active students who are earning success in fast bowling and cricket in general, and has trained over 500 cricket players to date. See what some of our successful students have to say:

Former UPF Student

"Looking back, I remember the UPF sessions so clearly. They changed absolutely EVERYTHING about my bowling."

Jaideep Ganguli

"When you learn fast bowling with UPF Cricket, you will learn a lot of new technical aspects, but you also start to understand your own bowling action at a whole new level of detail."

Former UPF Student

"One of the things I loved about Ian's style of coaching was the way he kept everything SIMPLE! It was easy for me to understand and implement!"

Former UPF Student

"It is an absolutely phenomenal initiative and in my opnion, worth every penny. I recommend to other they sign up to this website NOW."

Fast Bowling

Getting more speed, control & wickets with international coaches Ian Pont & Cath Dalton.

£ 69 00
  • 1 year Free Access
  • Technical & Tactical Training videos
  • 60 second Coaching videos
  • Physical instructional videos
  • Mental & Lifestyle Informational videos

Ultimate Pace Package

Combine the Power To Perform and UPF Cricket Skills for the ultimate learning experience.

£ 99 00 SAVE £24.00!
  • 1 year Fast Bowling Library Access
  • 1 year Strength & Conditioning Access

Strength & Conditioning Course

A 24-week fitness programme designed to improve your physical strength and conditioning.

£ 54 00
  • 24 Weeks of Superb Fitness
  • Over 70 Videos
  • Form & Technique
  • PDF Worksheets
  • Offline Viewing

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