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Congratulations to our students Deepak Chahar (India) and Mat Pillans (England) on their fantastic seasons.

Deepak got his International call up for INDIA and won the IPL with Chennai Super Kings

Mat has moved on from Surrey CCC and signed a fantastic 3-year deal with Yorkshire CCC. He has increased his speed more than 7 mph and regularly hits 90mph.


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Here’s your personal online bowling coach. And it’s an Academy you can join right now and start learning from right away.  This is a brilliant website where you simply follow the videos and copy what you see. Each clip is based on the most common problems fast bowlers face. This means that you’ll find information totally relevant to you. Why does this work? Because it’s the brainchild of Ian Pont, the former coach to both Dale Steyn & Shoaib Akhtar plus 100s of other first-class and International players. He is known as the ‘godfather of pace’ and he now shares everything with you, including how you can bowl faster & straighter than ever before.  His results are proven, well-known and that’s why people fly around the world to get his coaching. But now you don’t have to.  This information is designed so you can become your own coach, solve your own issues and improve your own gamefast! And it’s right at your fingertips.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • World-Class HD Vimeo streaming videos, PDF hand-outs, podcasts & blogs to get you fired up
  • Technical, tactical, physical, mental, lifestyle & ’60 second coach’ sections in easy to use categories
  • 25 years of the best tips, hints, tricks and help to get you making fast improvements 
  • Slower balls, variations, swing, reverse swing, bouncers, Yorkers and all other skills you need
  • Support from the two finest technical fast bowling coaches in the world – Ian Pont & Cath Dalton
  • Power Fitness guru Mark Sheppard to give you extra tools
  • Month-by-month updates on all of the above during your cricketing journey to success

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