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How do I sign up?
Click the Sign up now button and follow the instructions fill in your personal and card details.

I’ve forgotten my login details
Go to the login page and choose lost your password, enter the email you used to register and you will be sent a reset password email.

Can I get a free trial?
Sure, we offer a 1 month free trial to our UPF Membership for new members.

Will I become a paying member automatically after the free trial?
Yes you will be billed monthly after the free trial unless you cancel, which you can do at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?
We are sorry to see you go but you can cancel at any time. To unsubscribe log in to your account, click Subscription, View and then Cancel. When you do this however, you will no longer be able to see any content.

I previously unsubscribed how do I resubscribe?
No problem you can make the payment manually. To do this log in to your account and click the Subscription, View and Resubscribe.


My payment won’t go through
All payments are handled by our third-party payment gateways, sometimes payments are blocked. Try again later or with another card.

My payment still won’t go through
Often the payment is blocked by your bank, it is worth contacting your bank to let them know the payment is genuine.

My monthly subscription didn’t automatically go through and I can’t see the content
No problem you can make the payment manually. To do this log in to your account and click Subscription, View and Resubscribe.

My card has expired, how I change payment details?
Log in to your account and click Subscription, View and Change Payment.

Do you accept other forms of payment
At the moment no, but we are looking into it. If there is a type of payment you would like us to accept then please contact us and we will look into adding it at a later date.


What access do I have when I join UPF as a new subscriber
Whenever you join UPF, you will automatically gain access to Month One content.

What happens when I subscribe each month
By staying as a subscribed monthly member, you gain access to fresh content each month, as well as keep access to past months.

What if my subscription lapses
You will no longer be able to see content if you are not paying for it. But that’s fine, because you can re-join any time. Your subscription will pick up from the exact month your subscription lapsed.

Can I join later and get access to all the whole library
No, you only gain access to months you have subscribed to. For example, you will not get nine months of content by only subscribing in Month 9.


Videos won’t play smoothly
If you are having problems try pausing the video and waiting for the video to load (the grey bar) before clicking play again.

I haven’t received an email or I haven’t received my book
Add our mailing address to your address book.
Check your spam and junk folders. If it is still not there please contact us.

I have a problem not listed here
Sorry to hear that. Please contact us.


I have feedback
Great! We are always looking to hear from you and improve the service. Please contact us.