Day 1 – Warm up

Stick Rotations

10 reps of each exercise. Move from the feet up, hips, shoulders, arms. The co-ordination chain intro will help you understand the sequence.

Over head squat

10 reps, follow the key points shown in the video with a slow tempo and focus on both the quality and technique of the squat.

Lunge clock

3 sets: Follow the sequence in the video and move at the same pace. Balance and control is the focus in each of the step moves.

Mini band step out

10 reps each leg: The static leg is the one being worked by the movement of the other leg with the mini band. Go down with the hips to create the step out. Keep tension on the band when stepping back by keeping the feet shoulder width.

Skip bounce

View our complete skipping tutorial series.

The skipping is done by breaths not time. Breath into the belly through the nose and out the mouth if you need to by puffing out the cheeks to slow the out breath. Increase the speed of the rope to above 60 reps for the 5 to 6 breaths. Keep your tempo and consistency, stay light on the bounce.

Skip Travel

From the bounce move forward by tilting the body from the ankles and keeping the body straight. Travel for 10 metres then tilt back to go backwards 10 metres repeat for 5 lengths.

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