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Pace Secrets

Using the results of high motion video analysis of the fastest bowlers on the planet, years of exhaustive clinical research and in-depth biomechanics studies, Ultimate Pace Secrets goes deeper into the bowling action than any book widely available today. But deep and detailed research is useless if it isn’t usable—and that’s where Ultimate Pace Secrets has the edge.

Developed and written by Ian Pont, among the world’s leading fast bowling coaches, Ian’s experience with the ECB, world-class fast bowlers, World Cup teams, first-class cricketers, emerging talent and junior players has given him the ability to transfer his knowledge to bowlers of any level. With easy to grasp, practical coaching methods, following the steps outlined in this book will help any bowler to bowl faster, more efficiently and more accurately.


  • Maximising crease position
  • Bowling with the fabled four tent pegs
  • Increasing arm-pull speed
  • Using the power in your action to its maximum potential
  • The three ways the body generates speed
  • Why hang time and shin lead are important
  • Delivering with a consistent release position
  • Understanding where speed comes from and how to apply it
  • Avoiding and correcting common mistakes in fast bowling
  • Myth-busting “commentator coaching” and much more

You can think of Ultimate Pace Secrets as a fast bowling cricket course in a book. In it you’ll find everything you need to complete the fast bowling drills for increasing speed, drills for improving accuracy, strength and conditioning courses as well as why most coaches don’t (or can’t) coach speed into bowlers, yet often coach it out of them.

Ultimate Pace Secrets is the final word on speed coaching in 82 in-depth pages and is used by both bowlers and coaches across the globe. Easy to understand, it’ll help you build the foundation to be the best bowler, or coach, you can be.

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