Ultimate Pace Secrets e-Book


Grab your FREE PDF copy of the best-selling Ultimate Pace Secrets that goes deep into the bowling action using the results of high-motion video analysis from the fastest men on the planet.



Based on exhaustive years of clinical study and biomechanics, is transformed into usable, workable and successful coaching methods that can help any bowler to bowl faster and more accurately. Ultimate Pace Secrets completely blows the lid off speed coaching once and for all. It’s a ground-breaking publication that many other fast bowling coaches are using in their own coaching. You will find a book revealing everything you need to know about how to complete the drills needed to increase speed and improve accuracy as a bowler. You will finally discover why coaches don’t (or cannot) coach speed into bowlers, yet are good at coaching speed out of them. And you will realise for yourself why actions go largely uncorrected, left alone or simply ignored. Among the things you will find out are:

  • How to maximise your crease position and bowling with the fabled four tent pegs
  • The very best way to use the stretch reflex & shoulder/hip separation for increasing your speed of arm pull
  • The famous drop step and front foot block to have you using the power in your action correctly
  • The three ways the body generates speed – and which ones you use
  • Why hang time and shin lead are important
  • How to deliver with a consistent release position
  • How to understand where speed comes from and how to apply it
  • The most common mistakes in fast bowling and how to avoid them or correct them
  • Myth-busting the things coaches and commentators say that just aren’t true (fake fast bowling coaching)
  • Why you should NEVER land hard on your back foot
  • Why you might be collapsing and straightening the wrong legs
  • How to spot what part of the action needs attention
  • Making the most of what you’ve got

Plus much more…. Ian Pont puts down on paper many of the latest discoveries in speed coaching techniques. These are cutting edge skill drills and positional adjustments that any bowler can understand and start using right away. The drills will have you making the most of your assets. But the best part is, you’ll be able to work on your action and outcomes based on understanding simple processes.