Obstacles & Pressure

Your attitude and understanding of what motivates you is the key to success.

Your purpose and knowing what drives you internally and/or externally, enables you to believe in your dreams.

Understanding what you want and HOW to succeed , no matter what obstacles lie in your way.  It is your choice to decide on who you want to be.

Pressure is down to your perception and your experience of the situation. Knowing HOW you respond both mentally, emotionally and behaviourally is key to dealing with the critical pressure key moments.

Do you thrive or collapse under pressure?

What do you notice?

What happens to you?

What do you see, hear, feel, notice & imagine?

What do you need to do?

Make the critical pressure moments work for you.

Understand and be self-aware of your pressure triggers.

Knowing HOW to, helps you perform under pressure.

Relish the experience and excel when it counts!  

Amanda JN Owens, Believe Consultancy

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