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What Our Students Have To Say

UPF has over 1000 active students who are earning success in fast bowling and cricket in general, and has trained over 500 cricket players to date. See what some of our successful students have to say:

Former UPF Student

"Looking back, I remember the UPF sessions so clearly. They changed absolutely EVERYTHING about my bowling."

Jaideep Ganguli

"When you learn fast bowling with UPF Cricket, you will learn a lot of new technical aspects, but you also start to understand your own bowling action at a whole new level of detail."

Former UPF Student

"One of the things I loved about Ian's style of coaching was the way he kept everything SIMPLE! It was easy for me to understand and implement!"

Former UPF Student

"It is an absolutely phenomenal initiative and in my opnion, worth every penny. I recommend to other they sign up to this website NOW."