Simply being strong doesn’t make for a good athlete. Understanding how your body works is the key to training more intelligently. And with more intelligent training comes greater efficiency and, in the end, better results.

At UPF, we provide a huge amount of content to help you master the techniques of better bowling, but you’ll never be able to master the techniques if you haven’t mastered your physicality. This is where strength and conditioning comes in.

If we think of the body like a supercar, you need to have the chassis, brakes and steering optimised to help manage the power; these are the foundations to achieving ultimate performance.

Even basic principles such as the correct warmup techniques can help you get far more from the effort you put into training. Back to the supercar analogy, this is the tuning to the engine that allows it to manage the application of power in a way that doesn’t cause damage.

Focusing on form and technique is yet another principle that helps you extract more performance with less effort. Just as the supercar has an engine management system dictating precisely how each process is performed to maximise speed and efficiency, proper form and technique are the foundation that ensure you get the most from your efforts.

Of course, as we progress through the training, we advance through the foundational knowledge into more direct training and exercises that help increase power and efficiency, created specifically to complement our fast bowling library. Much like the practice laps that get the driver ready for a race, you’ll understand where to go flat-out, when to ease-off and how things should feel at every point in your journey towards better fast bowling.

In our Power to Perform course, you’ll be guided through 24 weeks of content teaching you to master your body and get the most from your training.

Power to Perform is hosted by Mark Sheppard, the former Head of Sports Science & Physical Conditioning at London Tennis Centre. As a renowned fitness coach with a broad background, Mark has developed this bespoke Strength & Conditioning course specifically for the fast bowlers of UPF.

Delivering effective power movements and elite fitness exercises to help you become stronger and condition your body to deliver your best possible skills, this strength and conditioning online course is an incredible foundation to take your training to greater heights.

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