Skype Mentoring Call


Ian Pont

If you’ve ever wanted personalised mentoring here’s your chance. You can now enjoy a 121 mentoring chat with a World-Class coach by booking time to discuss any fast bowling topic you wish.

Some people use it to have their videos assessed, others to find out what they ought to be doing to improve their cricket or simply to discuss any questions they have about fast bowling. So this is a great opportunity to have your very own coach onboard.

And the best part is, it’s really easy to organise.

Below, click on the link for your own 30 minute slot. You can add as many 30 minute slots as you want – and you can add them back to back. You can even bank them for the future. Once you have done this, we will be back in touch with you for a convenient date & time for the Skype mentoring discussion.

Skype Mentoring Call

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