• Mark Sheppard’s Power Fitness Plan

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  • Preview

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    This part of the site will always be free. After watching these clips most people become members. So why not join them? You’ll be in great company. At just £7 a month, your cricket development is worth the price of a few cups of coffee. That’s why it’s so simple for you to become a […]

  • Lifestyle

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    Taking adequate rest, being able to switch off and relax, plus ensuring you eat the right foods, are vital parts of making up the full fast bowling jigsaw. Many fast bowlers unwittingly sabotage their performances by having a poor lifestyle. That’s why we help you here to understand how you can improve time away from […]

  • Mental

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    Your positive mindset and belief system will carry you a long way. But many people suffer a lack of confidence or struggle in pressure situations. The ‘mind game’ is one of the key elements that can determine your success, not only in cricket but also, in life. Fast bowling requires a mental strength that you […]

  • Physical

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    It’s vital to be fit for purpose. And this is especially true in fast bowling. Being flexible, powerful and balanced are KEY components of supporting the large stresses running through your body each time you bowl a ball. Here we share with you some of the latest exercises and fitness ideas for you to achieve […]

  • Tactical

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    Want to know how to bowl certain deliveries or improve those you do? This section covers outcomes and the currency of wickets we deal in as fast bowlers. Here you will find hints, tricks, tips and detailed interactions on gaining more success with a ball in your hand. If you master where you bowl and […]

  • Technical

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    Technique is the bulls-eye for fast bowling performance & development. It is your servant and it will serve you well during highly pressurised match and performance situations. The best way to work on your bowling is STRUCTURALLY, which requires an understanding of how to improve whilst uplifting your natural assets. This section is designed with […]

  • 60 Second Coach

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    60 Second Clips: Here are some short clips for you to enjoy. They are based around 60 seconds and give you a quick reminder about some of our key points plus let you quickly glance at a specific point you might be interested in.